Hand Finishing


Hand Finishing

Once a project emerges from the laser, we use a variety of processes to complete the finishing touches. Our hand-finishing services give your project a beautiful and  consistent finished look that makes your design shine.



Weeding is the process of removing extra and unneeded material from the negative space of cuts. For example, a paper cutout with words requires the inside letters of the words to be poked and "weeded" out, one by one with a fine-tip tool. This process, depending on the intricacy of the design and the scale of the project, can be tedious and time-consuming. We ask that you take this additional service and time-cost into consideration when designing your project.


Masking Application & Removal

Have you ever seen our clean cuts? We create them by applying a layer of masking tape to the material prior to cutting. Without the tape, the laser creates cuts with charred and smokey edges. Masking incurs an additional cost, but is recommended for most projects prior to cutting - depending on the final purpose of the project. Masking Removal is the process of removing the little bits of masking tape that remain when cutting and engraving a masked project. Like weeding, masking removal is a time-consuming process. We will evaluate your file and inform you of any costs associated with this step. 


Paint, Stain, & Sealant Application

We can paint (brush or spray) wood any color, offering a variety of surface sheens such as metallic, glosses and glitters, chalkboard,  and hard enamel. For acrylic, we offer a service that deposits paint into engraved areas for a contrasting effect. We also offer a variety of surface stains. Stains increase the deepness of wood-grain and embolden the character of the wood. Protective sealant can be applied to raw wood, painted, and stained surfaces.