Laser Cutting Services

Custom Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is our passion and our specialty. We love working with designers and creatives to bring their ideas to life. From small scale to large production runs - we've got you covered. Common custom projects include: invitations, event decor, signage, products, displays and so much more. Let's collaborate to create something amazing.



Design Services

When it comes to laser-cutting, the magic is in the file. A beautifully designed file is what makes a successful project come to life. We encourage our clients to create their own files using the software of their choice. For clients that need assistance with design, we offer full design services in-house. We will talk with you about what you want your project to look like and then we will take care of designing and creating the files needed to execute your project to the fullest.



Hand Finishing

We take great care in creating your project to the very smallest details. Once a project emerges from the laser, we use a variety of processes to complete the finishing touches. Our hand-finishing services give your project a beautiful and  consistent finished look that makes your design shine. Our team can help put the finishing touches on your project including: assembly, stitching, gluing, tying, painting, sealing, and more.