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When it comes to laser-cutting, the magic is in the file. A beautifully designed file is what makes a successful project come to life. We offer full design services in-house. We will consult with you about the specifics of your project and create the files needed to execute your project to the fullest. We also work with client-created design files.



We stock and work with a variety of materials to create your project. The most common materials we work with are: wood, acrylic, paper stock, leather, & cardboard. We can engrave materials such as glass, coated metals, etc. We allow clients to provide their own laser-safe materials. 

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finishing services

We take great care in creating your project to the very smallest details. Once a project emerges from the laser, we use a variety of processes to complete the finishing touches. Our hand-finishing services give your project a beautiful and  consistent finished look that makes your design shine.