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Surface & Texture: Intermediate Calligraphy

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In our Modern Calligraphy for Newbies class, you learned how to create lovely calligraphy letterforms, how to flourish like a pro, and explored two-tone inking.  Are you ready to spread your wings even further?
Take your calligraphy off the page and onto the pavement!  Ok, well not the sidewalk - but to exciting surfaces like wood, geodes, tiles, and other interesting objects.

In this intermediate class you'll take the skills you learned in the beginner's class and apply it to different surfaces and experiment with texture.  You'll be introduced to a new type of nib and will explore the world of opaque inks. Calligraphy doesn't always have to be on paper, so let's play!

Duration: 2 hours
Class Size: 20 attendees
Materials: included
Cost: $165

Dionne Christiansen is the owner of Nib and Pixel, a Houston-based calligraphy and graphic design studio. She has been teaching calligraphy since 2013 and has a double bachelors degree in Graphic Design and Marketing. When she isn't creating for her clients, Dionne likes going on foodie adventures with her husband and two kidlets, collecting vintage plates and throwing dinner parties for friends and family.