Inside the Studio: Engraving the La Rousse Glass Box

We recently had the honor of working with Minerva House (Candace Moore) and Photo Bomb Shop to customize the La Rousse glass box. The La Rousse glass box is beautifully crafted, simple and elegant. We had a lot of fun helping Candace bring her vision to life. 

Take a peek inside our studio and see engraving process...

I have the top of each box etched with my clients’ names, the date and the coordinates of their wedding. This simple yet significant detail takes the La Rousse from beautiful vessel to precious family heirloom. Having their names etched in glass makes it so precious and personal. It becomes something they can add mementoes to as the years pass and hand down through the generations as their family history unfolds.
— Candace Moore, Minerva House
La Rousse Glass Box, 5x5 || Photo Bomb Shop

La Rousse Glass Box, 5x5 || Photo Bomb Shop